Geodesic dome Study; 1v 3/4 0.20m R. Good Karma draft design made with 9.53 X 9.53 mm wood.

I started to study geodesic structures lately, lots of meanings, designs and set-ups came across in the research time; frequency, connection type and the Russian website , a powerful on-line tool to calculate geodesic designs.

I decided to start the study from step one the 1v Icosa and “GoodKarma” a method that consist in building the structure out of individual triangles as connection type. So the model does not need the help of connectors or “Hubs” to fit everything together.

Good Karma Hubless System.

I did not have any woodworking experience till this project and  involving myself in such project will be a challenging experience. I pick a design to build a draft design model using 9.53 x 9.53 mm (1/8 inch) wood and 0.20 meters Radium.

Compound miter saw angle set-up

This model require 45  double angle cut pieces to make 15 equilateral triangles.

Not the best aesthetic way to put the triangles together. (Advises welcome)

Using help of C-Clamps to fit the structure.

And after many many hours a day I completely  build the 1v Good Karma Geodesic dome model. It is almost perfect, the angles need to be  more accurate in the building stage, patience and practice is the key.

I will be trying the same model in some time, to see what details are really clear.

3/4 Good Karma 0.20m Radium

Thanks for reading my report, comments and constructive critique are welcome.



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